Funeral Costs Explained 

We are always here to help at your time of need, We will talk everything through with you in full and offer a free consultation with no obligation for both funeral and our funeral plan  

Funeral Director Fees and 3rd Party Charges 

Funeral cost are spilt into 2 parts, Funeral Director fees and 3rd party free, These are chargers that we pay on your behalf, During the funeral arrangement, we will talk to you about the choices you have and advise you of each of the fees that will be payable for the different options. Your estimate and invoice will be itemised and will show a breakdown of each of the charges that will apply. Our price list are included within this pack for your information. Examples of Funeral Director fees include; moving your loved one to our chapel of rest,  a hearse, your choice of coffin, the care of your loved one, our fees for arranging and conducting the funeral, any limousine you choose to use. Examples of third-party fees include doctors fees Cremation fees, Cemetery fees Minister fees, Newspaper Notices, Flowers, Organist fees,

  • Payments Prior to the Funeral.

Prior to the funeral taking place we will ask you to pay the third-party charges this would be the amount show on your estimate

  • Liability for Payment.

Our estimate will be supplied alongside a  a copy of our terms and conditions, By signing the estimate you're authorizing us to conduct the funeral, accepting our terms and conditions and confirming that you will be responsible for paying in the funeral account.

  • Help with Funeral Cost.

In some instances the department for work and pensions may provide assistance towards meeting the cost of a funeral, But this depends on a number of factors included your relationship to the deceased whoever you are the nearest surviving relative of the deceased and whether you are in receipt of qualifying benefits, You must submit a claim to a D.W.P. for assistance with funeral costs, And if you are successful the maximum amount they will pay is £1000 towards Funeral Directors fees, And the allowable third parties to use for burial or cremation, please note that if you claim to the D.W.P's in unsuccessful, You would still be liable for the full value of the funeral invoice,  please let us know if you will be applying for assistance at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

  • Passing the Account to a Third Party for Payment

It is sometimes the case that solicitor or insurance company will pay our invoice directly, Please advise us if you are planning to pass the invoice on to a third party with payments

  • Funeral Plan Redemption

It is important to check whether the person who has passed away had a funeral plan in place,  if there is a plan in place,  we will talk you through what will be covered by the plan and where there may be additional fees to pay, We will provide an estimate of an additional cost to you, and you, as our client will be liable for these costs.

  • Settlement of Account

We will provide the final funeral account up to 7 days after the funeral has taken place. We will show the value of the payments made prior to the funeral and the balance of the account will be due within 14 days of the date of this invoice.

  •   Late Payment Charges

If an invoice remains outstanding after 56 days,  we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 8% per annum. should we refer an invoice to debt recovery agency, you, as our client will be responsible for these costs.